Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ware Dedication

A message to the Racial Justice & Reconciliation Committee for our support of a Partners in Ministries Habitat for Humanity project that is strengthening interracial relationships within a community:

"With gratitude for your support and your leadership, I pass along these pictures from our dedication service this past Sunday afternoon. I am delighted to report that we have built more than a house this past year; we have built a partnership which has become a template for other churches in Orange County. This coming January, the AME-Episcopal partnership will be joined by two Baptist churches in Chapel Hill who have been in a bi-racial partnership for some time as we start our second house. Binkley Baptist and Barbee’s Chapel Missionary Baptist learned of what we were doing, were excited by the model, and asked to come on board.
We are also planning a cooperative Christmas Program next month."
~Brooks Graebner

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