Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why is Haiti so poor? I've spent a lot of time in Haiti over the last couple of years, and I've learned that the answer to this question is NOT that the Haitian people are lazy or unmotivated, etc. In fact, most Haitian people work very hard, but the history and structure of the country make it quite difficult for them to make any progress, either individually or collectively. Click HERE for an essay that addresses the complexities of the answer to the question of "Why is Haiti so poor?"

And, if you are motivated to help Haiti, I encourage you to contribute to Episcopal Relief and Development They work through the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti (the largest diocese in The Episcopal Church) to help with education, medical care and development. With churches, schools and development agents throughout the country, they were able to provide aid immediately after the recent earthquake (and earlier hurricanes).

Another option is to buy Haitian coffee, either for your own use or as a fundraiser. Singing Rooster sells excellent coffee -- grown by small farmers from the same plant and in the same conditions as the famous Jamaican blue coffee. Additional The money you pay for the coffee goes directly to these small farmers and also to support mission projects in rural Haiti.

- Committee member Meg McCann

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