Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Traces of the Trade" - the film

Here is a link to the website for the film "Traces of the Trade." We will show the film at the September 6 conference, "Traces of Our Trade." A synopsis of the film is here.

(Bishop Marble saw several cuts of the film in the later stages of production, and the Anti-Racism Committee helped to support the production of this film financially. PBS stations around the country aired the film in late June and early July. UNC-TV aired the film once, in late June at 2 a.m. The ARC Chair and Vice-Chair wrote letters complaining about the timing.)

The film debunks the popular notion that only the South was involved in the slave trade. It was produced and co-directed by Katrina Browne, a descendant of the DeWolf slave-trading family from Rhode Island. The DeWolf family were and are active Episcopalians.

Guides, resources, and materials to help with discussion of the film are here.

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