Thursday, June 26, 2008

September 6: a day on the racial history of our diocese

Please save the date for a day of listening, learning, and conversation on the racial history of our diocese.

Details and updates both in this space and in future posts!

Traces of Our Trade
Saturday, September 6, 2008
9-4 p.m.
St. Matthew's, Hillsborough

Co-sponsored by the School of Ministry, the Anti-Racism Committee, and the Diocesan Historiographer

A mid-July update - quick summary of conference contents:

* Film “Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North”

* Discussion with Constance and Dain Perry, an interracial couple who are members of the DeWolf family featured in the film, experienced facilitators, and members of Trinity Church, Boston

* Panel on the racial history of the Diocese of North Carolina with both an overview and local stories from historic congregations

* “How-to” workshops on doing oral history, finding hidden historical treasure in parish records, restoring slave cemeteries, ideas for reading and study, and other resources

* Address by Bishop Curry and Prayer

Registration: Contact Shelley Kappauf, School of Ministry, 336-273-5770

Full details with names of panelists coming in the second half of July in a space above...


Lisa Fischbeck said...

Glad we are doing this. I am unclear whether the day will include a showing of the film or if participants will be expected to have seen it already. If so, how can we get a copy to view?
Lisa Fischbeck
The Advocate

Jane R said...

Dear Lisa and all,

We will show the film "Traces of the Trade" in the morning and then will go on to talk about the traces of our trade here in NC. I didn't put the details up, as I noted, but will soon -- I don't have them yet! I will be in touch as soon as we have details of the program ironed out and will of course post updates here too. In haste (but very glad to hear from you),

Maleah said...

Good for people to know.

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