Friday, November 23, 2007

The noose, the cross, and the lynching tree: a powerful television show on "Bill Moyers' Journal" with Black Theologian Dr. James Cone

Watch it online if you missed the television show this weekend:

Click here.


johnieb said...

Quite a treat: Cone and Bernice Johnson Reagon!

I have a friend who's nagging me to read Niebuhr, but I can't remember if it's Moral Man and Immoral Society or Nature and Destiny of Man. To take Cone's seminar on Niebuhr would be wonderful; it makes beautiful sense that he would teach it.

The communities he mentioned in Arkansas where he grew up are near my hometown and are very familiar to me. I believe I could find Macedonia AME without much trouble.

Jane R said...

Thanks, JohnieB. As Grandmère Mimi noted and quoted on my personal blog, The power of the powerless. You can't kill the spirit. The oppressors can't win. Amen.

I'm of two minds about Niebuhr, but that is another conversation for another day...

Dr. Cone speaks a harsh truth and also a deep hope. We need to face and embrace both.

Anonymous said...

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